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A guy walks on the beach with hundreds of starfish that had washed ashore. He keeps stopping and throwing them back in the ocean. A kid standing by asks him "Mr. there are hundreds of them. You can't help every single one. He smiles and says, asks the ones that are back in the ocean. Every little bit helps."


At times like these, it's not just about what happens to us individually. Most of us are very blessed and will be fine, yet today I am here asking for us to come together. Together We Win. 


Chicago REIA/Andrew Holmes Mastery has partnered up with We Win Foundation to ask our community, friends and family to give and contribute to folks in our communities that may be struggling in these times. 


I know most of us to feel that my little contribution does not really matter but each $1 helps. For almost all of us whatever you give you will never miss but for someone who needs help right now it can go a very long way. There are a lot of families and individuals that can use our help. 


Just because we have to maintain social distance certainly does not mean we have to be socially insensitive. Do your part. Make a video put it on social media asking your friends to help. Your personal touch and you asking your own friends to help will mean a lot more than a stranger asking to contribute. 


 All the proceeds will go towards basic food and supplies for families in need. Together We Win and we can all make a difference if we can come together.  


We Win Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization.  Your donations will be tax-deductible.

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