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Why Join?
  • To identify your personal real estate goals

  • To be guided through the maze of financial products/options

  • To learn how to best analyze the correct properties and make those cash flows work for you

  • To take control of your financial goals and achieve financial independence

Who is We Win for?
  • Have you always wanted to ask about getting into the real estate investing industry?

  • Are you a women entrepreneur looking to learn about investment opportunities?

  • Have you always had an interest in the design, remodel, and restoration of properties?

What's Included?
  • Educational and Inspirational talks on a range of financial real estate goals

  • Practical workshops highlighting real people/real deals

  • Social events which serve key opportunities for women entrepreneurs to network with like-minded women

Meet the FOunders

Gina diaz

As an immigrant herself, Attorney Gina Diaz is a mother of 3, ovarian cancer survivor, and a first generation college student who dedicates her time helping undocumented immigrants at her law office, Diazcase Law. In addition, she is also known as one of the top real estate attorneys for both investors and cosumer purchases. She works in Berwyn, Illinois managing her law office which offers a multitude of services. Recently, she opened her second location in Joliety, IL. Her business has an added branch of real estate known as Diazcase Realty. As a new investor, she sits with over 5+ rental properties.

(773) 318-0216

Farrah ali

While most people can’t handle one job, Farrah Ali has three. During the day she is a full time insurance professional, at night she is a full time investor. To top it all off the most important job for her is being a single mother to her 2 kids.  Where she finds the time to do all that she does, is still a question we ask today.  Farrah has been a crucial piece to the growth of Chicago REIA since the beginning.  Her journey with investing started in June of 2014, now just 4 short years later she is at 25 rental properties / 1 Flip / 8 Wholesale Deals.  

Lori Palmer

Over the last 5 years, Lori has been a key role in the growth of Chicago Reia and Andrew Holmes Seminars.  Currently her role as Executive Director of Chicago Reia has helped them grow into the Largest Real Estate Investors Association in the Country. On top of that she oversees the planning and execution of Andrew Holmes Seminar as Real Estate Education Company.  If that was not enough her back ground as a graphic designer and 12+ years of real estate experience has been key to the growth of the entire organization.

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